Understanding the Benefits of Proactive Medication Management

At Weisz Concierge Medical we are strong believers in the Five “Rights” of Medication Administration: Giving the right drug to the right patient in the right dosage via the right delivery method at the right time. We recognize that conscientious medication management is an important tool for not only ensuring the wellness of our patients, but also for keeping your health care costs down.

Medication Compliance and Avoiding Drug Interactions

The two key areas of concern here are noncompliance when taking medications and drug interactions. Effective and proactive medication management will guard against both situations. Remembering to take the right medications at the right times can be difficult for some patients. If medications aren’t taken properly, the patient’s condition will not improve and may often decline. Proper medication management will assist in making sure the right prescriptions are being taken at the right time.

Weisz Concierge Medical’s Proactive Approach to Medications

Here are some strategies Dr. Weisz may introduce you to:
• Advising you about over-the-counter reminder devices available at the pharmacy.
• Tracking your medications using an app on your smartphone.
• Text message reminders when it’s time to refill.
Dr. Weisz will also review your medications with your pharmacist or other healthcare professionals when needed. This is called a CMR (comprehensive medication review) and is offered as a benefit of your membership. Our office also monitors new developments in the pharmaceutical industry. You and your pharmacist will be notified should any issues involving medications you take be identified.
Drug interactions can result in loss of effectiveness and may cause unwanted side effects. Keep in mind that a particular medication may interact with another prescribed medication, over-the-counter drug, herbal supplement, or vitamin. There are interactions that can also occur between certain medications and some foods and drinks (such as alcohol).

What to Expect During Your Medical Appointment with Dr. Weisz

As part of your initial medical consultation, Dr. Weisz will go over the following points in order to help you avoid drug interactions and maintain proper medication compliance:
• Review all the medications you are currently taking.
• Educate you about the right questions to ask your pharmacist.
• Introduce you to websites like drugs.com or ePocrates.com where you may check for possible drug interactions yourself.
• Make sure your medications are safe for you with no adverse interactions.
• Advise you about avoiding certain foods or drinks when taking your meds.
• Advise you about reading drug container labels, particularly those containing warnings.
• Answer any questions or concerns you may have about dosage, time of day to take your medications, side effects and other issues.
• Discuss possible lower-cost pharmaceutical alternatives.
• Work with you to help keep track of your medications, re-fills, storage, etc.
Unlike obtaining a prescription at an urgent care center, where the provider might not be fully aware of other medications you are taking, as your comprehensive primary care doctor, Dr. Weisz will have a complete picture of all your other meds. This knowledge will enable her to prescribe the right medications you need without increasing the risk of unwanted side effects and drug interactions.