Dealing with Primary Care for Weight Loss

Medical weight loss management refers to the proactive practice of following a particular diet, fitness, and healthy behaviors achieved under the supervision of a physician. While medications designed to assist in this effort are available, at Weisz Concierge Medical the focus is on making key lifestyle modifications that will achieve long term success.

Best Weight Loss Management Strategy

Dr. Weisz is prepared to map out the best weight management strategy for you based on your individual medical and lifestyle situation. She may ask you to undergo a comprehensive metabolic testing exam or other medical diagnostic tests to help determine your individual physiological profile.

Proper nutrition is a fundamental aspect of medical weight loss that is often overlooked. Dr. Weisz will consult with you about how to plan your meals in order to consume foods that are low in fat, low in refined grains and sugars, and high in natural whole fiber. As a member of Weisz Concierge Medical, you will receive the guidance and support of an MD experienced in lifestyle coaching and in managing weight loss primarily through nutrition and exercise.

Partnering with Your Medical Doctor for Safe Weight Loss

It is always a good idea to undergo a medical check-up prior to embarking on any rigorous exercise program. Dr. Weisz will advise you about the safest fitness program for you that will likely include cardiovascular conditioning, strength building, and flexibility training. Exercise delivers a host of profound benefits to the body in addition to weight loss, where it works as a catalyst for metabolic change.

While everyone knows the general importance of getting your body in motion when attempting to achieve weight loss, Dr. Weisz will direct you to certain physical activities that are more ideally suited for you in order to achieve success. You will be advised as to how your diet will be combined with your fitness program to achieve the best possible long-term outcome.

As people who have succeeded at weight loss will tell you, the catalyst for change begins with a strong desire and motivation to take weight loss seriously. The first step in any serious program is the participation of a proactive primary care physician, like Dr. Weisz, who will help you fashion a medically-based weight loss strategy that will safely guide you towards reaching your goal.

Weisz Concierge Medical provides the perfect environment to learn healthy eating habits, maintain an effective exercise program and reach your target weight successfully.