Partnering with Your Primary Care Doctor for Preventative Health and Wellness

At Weisz Concierge Medical the emphasis is on preventative health and wellness care. This includes screenings and immunizations designed to prevent health problems from developing. Preventive care also includes counseling and following guideline and strategies that will keep you and your family healthy over the long term. It identifies problems early on so we may take suitable action that will keep them from becoming chronic.

As part of a routine physical, for example, Dr. Weisz may order bloodwork that will look for precursive indicators, such as a chemistry panel or a complete blood count. These tests provide a broad range of diagnostic information to assess your vascular, liver, kidney, and blood cell status. The blood count measures the number, variety, percentage, concentration, and quality of platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells, and thus is useful in screening for infections, anemias, and other hematological abnormalities. A chemistry panel will check your liver and kidney functions, as well as your electrolyte status and mineral level.

An Ounce of Prevention

Modern medicine is overwhelmingly reactive. Get sick, seek medical help seems to be the prevailing attitude. At Weisz Concierge Medical we believe it is far better to prevent diseases rather than to try and treat them after they arise. The reasoning here is similar to why you maintain your car and kitchen appliances in good condition rather than waiting for them to break down before taking action.

A Proactive Provider

Dr. Weisz’s medical philosophy is based on the concept of patient and doctor working together to prevent disease. To this end, she will employ biostatistics and epidemiology, as well as a mix of medical, social, economic and behavioral sciences when providing a diagnosis. This perspective allows her to focus on the whole person and the many factors — such as lifestyle — influencing a patient’s health.

Looking at Lifestyles

Chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, account for 70 percent of deaths in America according to the CDC. Emphasizing a healthy lifestyle forms the basis of prevention of cardiovascular disease. That’s the reason why screening and detection have become so critical. At Weisz Concierge Medical we believe that healthy habits and healthy lifestyle choices are just as critical. These include eating well, exercising, and ending tobacco use. We bring a more comprehensive and personally tailored approach to risk assessment that goes well beyond mere population-based guidelines.

Dr. Weisz has built her reputation on providing meaningful and effective personal counseling that will allow you to achieve positive change.

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