Helping Family Members Care for Aging Parents throughout Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, North Palm Beach, Tequesta and Juno Beach

Since the U.S. population growth of people aged 65 and older now exceeds that of those under 65, the importance of suitable geriatric care is growing each day. Weisz Concierge Medical is a Board-certified primary care practice that is prepared to meet the requirements of your family’s older members. Seniors have many special medical needs, from tracking the natural aging process that goes on within the body to managing specific medical problems and ensuring safety and the necessary social support. Dr. Weisz has a deep understanding of the specific issues that might affect an older patient’s ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL) and how to best address them.

Dr. Weisz is skilled in recognizing how illness in an elderly person is different from illness in a younger person. Because she has the time to do so, she will evaluate the patient’s living conditions, for example, and advise about any changes that may impact the person’s welfare and safety. She uses a comprehensive approach that emphasizes healthy aging and effective preventive care.

Plan of Treatment for the Elderly

Here are a few of the key areas that Dr. Weisz will typically evaluate as part of her plan of care for senior patients:

  • Frailty & Falls. This is an unavoidable part of aging that may affect some senior’ ability to function independently and make them more susceptible to falls and other injuries.
  • Multiple medications. Older patients often have to numerous prescription drugs. Since their bodies break down medications differently than that of a young person, drug interactions and side effects can often become a serious problem.
  • Medication dosage. Many medications prescribed for seniors need to be adjusted due to decreased kidney and liver function.
  • Multiple medical issues. Many seniors suffer from more than one medical condition that often interact with each other. They may suffer from a combination of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and neurological conditions.
  • Mental decline. Loss of cognitive ability is a widespread condition among most aging patients. It is important therefore to accurately identify symptoms of more serious conditions like chronic depression or Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Caregiving. Dr. Weisz is also prepared to consult with a senior patient’s caregiver. Our office may also be instrumental and helping you find the right outside assistance such as professional care managers or home health care providers.

Should an elderly patient’s needs go beyond the scope of primary care, Dr. Weisz is prepared to provide a referral to a capable and trusted geriatric specialist.

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