Managing Chronic Illness With Primary Care Medicine in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Chronic care refers to medical management that addresses pre-existing or long-term illness. This is a different concept compared to acute care which is concerned with the treatment of short term or severe illness of brief duration. At Weisz Concierge Medical, members enjoy the highest standards of both. A chronic condition is one that requires ongoing adjustments of the treatment plan. Such adjustments should be regular and consistent and that is why patients requiring chronic care benefit greatly from a membership-based medical practice.

Patients with chronic conditions who are being seen by traditional fee-for-service medical practices are often reluctant to seek out the care they need. They are afraid of long waits, expensive co-payments and brief office visits that fail to fully address their situation. No such fears exist among our chronic care patients.

Managing Chronic Illness with a Primary Care Physician

It is estimated that nearly half of the American population suffers from some type of a chronic condition. As you age, the likelihood of developing such a condition increases and the need for effective, ongoing treatment becomes ever more important.

Since medicine today is, for the most part reactive — responding only when a person becomes ill, traditional medicine is ill-equipped to properly manage chronic care situations. Weisz Concierge Medical is part of a growing movement that seeks transform health care into a system that is proactive and focused on keeping a patient healthy over the long term. Here are some essential differences between the way chronic care is administered by Dr. Weisz as compared to a traditional medical office:

  • Unhurried visits that fully adhere to established best evidence- based guidelines.
  • Planned care and full coordination with specialists and other providers.
  • Pro-active follow-up to ensure the best possible outcomes.
  • Effective training of patients enabling them to successfully manage their own illnesses.

Experts conducting research into improving health care in America have repeatedly concluded that primary care practices play a critical role at the frontlines of chronic disease management. Weisz Concierge Medical is dedicated to overcoming and eliminating the deficiencies that currently exist in this vital area among traditional primary care doctors. Dr. Weisz firmly believes that only by enjoying full and frequent access to a primary care physician may chronic disease patients receive the effective ongoing care that they need.

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